October 10, 2021


Siblings often fight and compete as children and even adults. It may be over something as innocent as who gets the last cookie or as serious as who inherits their parents’ prized heirloom. Our lesson this week is from Genesis 4-5 as we look at the life of Cain and Abel, the world’s first siblings. We will see how jealousy and rivalry “caused great damage to their relationships with one another, with their parents, and even with God”. Follow the Curriculum Overview Button below to learn that “as a child of God, our identity is not dependent upon what we do, but instead upon what Christ has done to save us through His life, death, and resurrection. Rather than living in the comparison between ourselves and others, we can live in the confidence that we have been made new. In Christ, we are fully loved and accepted.

The Curriculum Overview also includes information about how to learn as a family at home during the week!

Preschool Quiet Time Experience

Elementary Quiet Time Journal (new for October)