October 31, 2021


We are beginning a new unit this week as we look at how God begins his rescue plan with Abram, Sarai, and their descendants. This unit will continue until Advent.

Our lesson this week is from Genesis 12-20 as we look at the story of God calling Abram and Sarai to start a new people from whom the promised Rescuer (Jesus) would come. God promised to bless all the world through Abraham. God sent Jesus from His home in heaven to be born on earth into Abraham’s family. Through Jesus, all the nations of the earth are blessed because Jesus saves people from their sins. Follow the Curriculum Overview Button below to learn that God is not confined to choices like we are. He is all-powerful and sovereign; God had an infinite number of choices.

The Curriculum Overview also includes information about how to learn as a family at home during the week!

Preschool Quiet Time Experience

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