April 3, 2022


This week, we are finishing a short unit before Easter on the Bible. We will see that the Bible is God’s Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves.

Our lesson for this week is about when Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan River as they finally entered the Promised Land. (Joshua 3-4) After 40 years, the Israelites had to trust in God’s faithfulness. God was with Joshua and the Israelites as they went into the Promised Land. In stopping the raging Jordan River, God showed His power to them so they would trust in Him. How has God shown Himself worthy of your trust? Use the Family Devotional to learn more as a family this week. We too can put our hope in a God who never fails to keep His word. He sent us Jesus, the promised Savior! When Jesus came to earth, He showed His power so people would trust in Him and be saved from sin.

The Family Devotional includes opportunities for families to read and memorize God’s Word, share a worship experience, do activities and more!

We also have a Lent Resource Sheet to help families understand more about Lent and to offer resources to celebrate together.