January 23, 2022


We are continuing our unit that will take us through Exodus. Our lesson this week reminds us that God always keeps His promises because He is faithful. This week, we will learn about how God parted the Red Sea to keep His promise, save the Israelites, and show His power. We see in the story of Exodus 13–15 that God directed His people, fought for His people, and ultimately delivered His people. Follow the Curriculum Overview Button below to see that in an even greater display of His power and faithful love, God provided His Son, Jesus. Jesus is greater than Moses. Through faith in Jesus, God delivers us from sin and death. God is faithful to keep his promises!

The Curriculum Overview also includes information about how to learn as a family at home during the week!

“Rhythms – Spiritual Practices for Normal People” (January sermon series) – we have some guides that will help families practice the spiritual practices together. Check them out below:
Sharing in God’s Story
Devotion to God’s Word
Experiencing Freedom in Christ