February 20, 2022


We are concluding our unit that will take us through Exodus. Our lessons in this unit remind us that worship is celebrating the greatness of God. This week, we are in Exodus 35-40 as we learn about the Israelites building the Tabernacle, God’s tent, where He would dwell among His people. One of the key themes of the Bible is God’s desire to live with the people He created. We see this first in God’s creating the garden of Eden where God met with Adam and Eve. One consequence of sin was that God could no longer live with us as He had before. As we will see this week, God told the Israelites to build a tabernacle where He would dwell with them. God wants to be with His people. As part of His plan to save sinners, God sent Jesus to dwell on earth with people. One day Jesus will return, put an end to sin and death, and renew creation. This is how the story of Scripture ends in Revelation—with Christ establishing His kingdom in a new heavens and earth and dwelling with His people forever. What God intended from the beginning will mark the beginning of eternity. Use the Family Devotional to learn more as a family this week. God is great and deserves our worship!

The Family Devotional includes opportunities for families to read and memorize God’s Word, share a worship experience, do activities and more!