June 16, 2024

We are starting a new unit on what our mission is as Christians. During this unit, we will be talking about how our mission is to make followers of Jesus from every nation by the power of the Holy Spirit. The question for this unit is, “What is our mission as Christians? Our mission is to make disciples of all nations by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Our memory verse for this unit is Psalm 96:3 (NIV), “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.” Try memorizing the verse as a family. (Preschoolers will memorize the bolded portion.)

This week, we will be in Acts 15 as we learn about how church leaders met in Jerusalem to answer a tough question: Can a person be saved by faith alone or is something more needed? We will see that “The early church agreed that because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, He alone is all we need to be saved. God made a way for us to be saved through faith in Jesus. We cannot earn this salvation. Rather, our good works are evidence of our faith as the Holy Spirit empowers us to obey Christ’s commands.”

Check out the Learn More At Home button for discussion questions and activities you can do to reinforce learning and application at home. There is also a QR code that leads to Preschool and Elementary videos of the Bible story.

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