Gathering Stage Update

We are currently in Stage A of our Welcome Home plan. This means you can now sign up to attend Westminster’s 9AM Sunday services in person!

It’s exciting to arrive at this moment, as the ministry team has done a lot of evaluation and preparation to make attending in person as safe as possible. However, we always encourage everyone to participate in the way that makes sense for you. Whether together online or in person, we are one church family.

Online signup is required each week, and reservation spaces are limited. Currently only our 9AM service is open to in-person attendance. Of course, appropriate health precautions will be observed, including the use of masks, temperature checks, signing a log book, and observing social distancing. For anyone in a high-risk group, the advice is to continue to stay home and participate online.

As we take this step, we want to assure everyone that Church Online is here to stay! It’s great we can continue to connect from wherever we are, as God’s love and His purposes continue to guide and unite us together as one family.

Click here to sign up to attend in person this Sunday.

-Updated Wednesday, August 5

Gathering Stage Plan

As local communities navigate the process of re-opening, it’s clear that our road forward leads through uncharted territory. Westminster’s ‘Welcome Home’ is intended to provide a roadmap for the days to come, as well as a space for sharing experiences and ideas.

The Gathering Stage plan below incorporates state and county guidelines within a framework specific to Westminster Chapel. Our goal is to provide as much clarity as possible, while realizing that circumstances will continue to evolve. Entry into each new stage will be preceded by a thorough readiness evaluation, and will include opportunities for questions or feedback. We’ll also continue building a list of Frequently Asked Questions here on this page.

Though there are a lot of unknowns, we are going to look to some key values to help guide us:

• Being the church wherever we are. God’s Spirit is moving and lives are being changed as we love where we live, work and play. We don’t need to wait till we can meet together to live out our calling as followers of Jesus.

• Caring well for our community. Any steps towards gathering in person must meet comprehensive requirements, not only for safety, but also for providing the welcome and hospitality that help make Westminster special.

• Making online participation as inclusive as we can. Church Online is here to stay! Covid has accelerated us into some new ways of opening access, of connecting, and even of thinking about our church family, that will continue to be important long into the future.

This has been a challenging time for all of us. But we will continue to move forward in step with Jesus, and to embrace the lessons we’ve learned along the way. However He leads us in the days ahead, God’s love and His purposes in each of our lives will continue to guide us and unite us together as one family.

To download this chart as a PDF file click here

Welcome Home: Frequently Asked Questions

When we enter Stage A of the plan, what safety measures will be observed on campus?

Our team is putting in a lot of work to prepare for gathering as safely as possible. Government-mandated safety measures will include the use of masks, observation of 6-foot social distancing, digital temperature checks, and signing a log book on entering the building. We will also implement an on-line reservation system to limit group size. For the full procedure plan see the document link below.

The plan mentions “families together” under On-Campus Activities. Can you explain?

Through the stages of Welcome Home, safety guidelines will require our Westminster Kids’ classroom spaces to remain closed (birth – 5th grade). All scheduled groups and activities on campus during this period will be “family style,” with parents and their children remaining together.

Are additional policy guidelines available?

Yes they are! To view Westminster’s detailed procedure plan click here.