Vision! While vision is certainly an important part of navigating this world, there’s another kind of vision that means so much to God’s church. We prayerfully look ahead, and paint a preferred picture of the future. What things will look like as we live on mission together, growing as disciples who listen and love like Jesus. I used to think about vision in long chunks of time. Where do we want to be in 3-5-10 years? But now I’m coming to see that while we do want to have HUGE vision for the long-term future, it’s important to regularly step back and embrace vision for the near future. With that end in mind, we are going to gather the church, both in person and virtually on January 31st from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. I’ll be sharing where we are headed and why we are heading there. We’ll be updating you on what’s going on at Westminster. We will worship and pray.


Do we have all of the answers? No way. Will we ever? Definitely not.


But we are all on a journey together. God is doing something transformative among us. So let’s talk about it. You can sign up here. If you don’t sign up, we would still love for you to show up…but it would help us a lot to know you’ll be there!


This weekend we’re continuing our Rhythms series, focusing on rhythms of Worship and Sabbath Rest. You can find resources for the current series by clicking here.


Praying for you,

As of 1/11/22
Expectation for the Week:$48,900
General Giving for the Week:$37,335
Expectation to Date:$2,354,900
General Giving to Date:$1,887,268
Annual Expectation:$3,400,000


Put your talents to work as part of a serve team, in the church and in our community.

Groups at Westminster are one of the best ways to meet others and grow spiritually.

Prayer invites the work of transformation that only God can do.


ALPHA – Fall 2022

Westminster Chapel 13646 NE 24th St, Bellevue

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Westminster Chapel 13646 NE 24th St, Bellevue

College age young adults meet for coffee, hang out, small groups from 7-10PM on Tuesdays.  We'd love to see you there!


Westminster Chapel 13646 NE 24th St, Bellevue

Vision Night 2022 Community Life Center, 6:30-8:00PM As our church looks to the future, we are excited to continue share where we’re headed. Whether you’ve been at Westminster for years […]


Westminster Chapel 13646 NE 24th St, Bellevue

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Black Diamond Camp 19830 SE 328th Pl., Auburn

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