Hello Westminster!


I am so excited for this Sunday’s new sermon series- WHALEY excited! Ryan will be starting the series ‘Jonah: Still Running’. He will be preaching on Jonah 1:1-17. The graphic for this series is one of my favorite I’ve created. As I began to brainstorm the visual for Jonah, I thought about how scared Jonah must have been inside the belly of the ‘great fish,’ and for some reason the fear made me think of the poster from the movie ‘Jaws’–but what if the shark were replaced by a whale?? (of course the movie shark is much scarier than my whale)!


I find it incredible how desperately Jonah ran. He ran over different landscapes, he ran physically and spiritually, all to be ultimately pursued by God. I pray this weekend you feel God’s love for you, God’s love that chases after us, no matter how hard we run. If you haven’t listened to a sermon online in awhile or been in person, I also pray you feel “whalecomed” here.


Have a great week,
Kailee Powers

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