Happy Wednesday! This week’s note will be a bit longer to provide an update about our choir moving forward.
We met with our choir last night to share this news, but wanted to let our church family know about it as well. One of the many changes during Covid was that our choir was not able to be a part of our worship gatherings as they had been, and with a transition of leadership in our worship ministry, many wondered what Sundays would look like in the future. We’re also in a new season of exploring and leaning into a Jesus Transformation and asking God to help us to understand what it looks like to listen and love like Jesus. As the church is a community on mission, we prayed and filtered our thinking and discussions through the lens of our new mission and vision.

So, Ryan and Elliot, will there still be a choir at Westminster Chapel? The answer is…YES!!!!! The Westminster Chapel Choir will continue on, but it will be new and different. We’re very excited and think you will be too. We’re sharing details below because we’re hoping that some of you will consider joining the choir and serving in our worship ministry. 

While incorporating some philosophical and practical changes, the choir will continue to play a valuable role in Westminster Chapel’s worship ministry. We’ll strive for the choir to be integrated into how Sunday Services are being shaped. Most of the time, the songs the choir sings will be congregational worship songs, with an emphasis on congregational participation. Musically, we will develop fresh arrangements and parts for the choir of songs that Westminster already sings together on Sundays. It will feel and sound like other Sundays, but with the added texture and dynamic that the choir will bring. When the choir sings in our services, we believe it will be a powerful experience!

The choir will sing in services 6-7 times a year. Obviously, we don’t know what will happen with Covid this Spring, but the current plan is for the choir to sing 3 times in the Spring. Members of the choir will practice 2x before the Sunday they sing, once on a Tuesday with just the choir and Elliot, and once on a Wednesday with the worship band. 

Next Steps:
Look for more information in the near future about how to join the choir. Continue to pray for us as we walk through this exciting and unprecedented time!
Ryan and Elliot


Put your talents to work as part of a serve team, in the church and in our community.

Groups at Westminster are one of the best ways to meet others and grow spiritually.

Prayer invites the work of transformation that only God can do.



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