In the midst of the business of life, the season of Lent is a gift. Julie Canlis says that when we think about it properly, Lent comes to rescue us from the weariness that life can produce. It seems ironic to find respite from weariness by embracing the disciplines of Lent: Won’t doing more just make us more tired? No, not at all. In our busy lives it can be hard to hear the voice of God, but Lent allows us to slow down as we move toward Easter. Here, we make space for God. In a world of hurry and hustle, we slow down to be with Him.


On a different note, I want to let you know that after 24 years of faithful service as our accountant, Tim Huffman will be leaving our staff at the end of the week. While it’s difficult to say goodbye, we are excited for Tim and the new opportunity he will be stepping into. Please keep Tim and our staff in your prayers.



As of 3/6/22
Expectation for the Week: $43,900
General Giving for the Week: $32,402
Expectation to Date: $2,698,200
General Giving to Date: $2,249,901
Annual Expectation: $3,400,000


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