I hope you’re having a really good week. On behalf of our staff and elders, thank you so much for serving, inviting, and worshipping together for our Holy Week services. God was at work in powerful ways and it has been amazing to hear stories of the Holy Spirit moving in hearts and lives. If you have a story, we would love to hear from you!


I also want to highlight that Vision Night is happening on Monday, May 9th. This is a new rhythm we began this year to share with you all about what is happening and what is coming. There are more details below, but please mark your calendar.


This Sunday we resume our study of Acts. Whether online or in-person, I look forward to worshipping with you!


As of 4/17/22
Expectation for the Week: $63,900
General Giving for the Week: $193,753
Expectation to Date: $3,028,600
General Giving to Date: $2,662,146
Annual Expectation: $3,400,000


Put your talents to work as part of a serve team, in the church and in our community.

Groups at Westminster are one of the best ways to meet others and grow spiritually.

Prayer invites the work of transformation that only God can do.


Event Series VBS


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