As the people of God often must, today we lament. We ask God, just as the Psalmist did, “How long, O Lord?” (Ps. 13:1) I truly have no words as we mourn over the horrific tragedy that took place in Uvalde, Texas. May we be a people who mourn with those who mourn, and a church united in prayer.


It will be good to worship our Triune God together, remembering that He is our refuge and strength. It will be good in community to be still and know that He is God.


Praying for you,

As of 5/22/22
Expectation for the Week: $63,900
General Giving for the Week: $23,831
Expectation to Date: $3,333,100
General Giving to Date: $2,880,738
Annual Expectation: $3,400,000


Put your talents to work as part of a serve team, in the church and in our community.

Groups at Westminster are one of the best ways to meet others and grow spiritually.

Prayer invites the work of transformation that only God can do.


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